SSMS Tools Pack 5.4 is out with new and improved features and resolved few issues related to SSMS 18.
2020-03-01 00:00:00

Connection Coloring
New: SQL Editor's Tab Color will move left-right while a query is executing
providing an instant visual cue if anything is running in a tab.

Export To Excel
New: Export selected cells from grid results.
New: Export grid results into multiple sheets (grid per sheet).
New: Replace NULL values with "NULL" text in exported cells.

SQL Editor Plus
Improved: Added connection color, server and database name to the Accidental Data Destruction Protector warning window.
Improved: Rename tab to first object name in the script can now be set as object name only or schema name and object name.

SSMS Tools Pack 5.2 is out with full support for SSMS 18, improved features, bug fixes and stability improvements.
2019-09-06 00:00:00

Full support for SSMS 18
Support for SSMS 18 releases.
SSMS 18 is now fully supported as all reported issues from the previous version have been resolved.

SQL Editor Plus
New: Rename Tabs has the option to rename current or all tabs to an object name in the first CREATE/ALTER statement in each open query window.
New: Run Statement At Cursor Location has the option to not select the executing query which makes the caret stay in the same position as before.

SQL History
New: Added exclusion keyword to not save a query in SQL history. The keyword is a preset comment and has to be at the start of the executing selection.

Search Grid Results
New: Added searching for columns names in grid results.

SSMS Tools Pack 5.0 is out with beta support for SSMS 18, improved features, bug fixes, stability and speed improvements.
2019-03-27 00:00:00

Beta support for SSMS 18
Beta support for SSMS 18 preview releases.
Any reported issues will be fixed in the next version.

Manage License Activations
Manage your license details and number of activated machines by yourself.
Great in case of forgetting to deactivate an old machine.

Features Needing Database Caching
New: Finer database cache content control. Added support for removing all or some database schemas from cache.
New: Filter databases to load into cache. Specify any direct comparison filter or regex filter on server and/or database names. Matched filter entries are not loaded into database cache.

Insert Statements Generator
New: Full culture independent date formatting. All dates can now be formatted with the current culture or a culture independent option.
New: Script grid results to clipboard in addition to scripting them into an editor window.

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