SSMS Tools Pack 5.9 is out. New and improved features, bug fixes and speed improvements.
2022-10-03 00:00:00

Column Data Statistics
New: Show Immediate Data Statistics window. It will show statistical data as cells are being selected.

SQL Editor Plus
Improved: Find Object in Object Explorer now shows a list box of multiple matched entries if they exist.

Script Data Generator
New: Script selected cells as IN operator.
New: Add filtering/ordering part to the output when scripting a table.

SQL History
Improved: Copy a script saved in SQL History to the beginning or to the end of a document, or to a cursor location.

Database Cache
Improved: Use schema cache dependant features with SQL Azure with Windows and Active Directory Authentications.

SSMS Tools Pack 5.7 is out. New and improved existing features, bug fixes and speed improvements.
2021-10-12 00:00:00

Column Data Statistics
New: Show various column data statistics (min, max, count, stdev, average, median, distribution, etc) for grid result sets.

Connection Coloring
New: Added coloring of Registered Servers groups. Color is determined by the server group name.

Script Data Generator
New: Script selected cells as WHERE clause conditions per row.
New: Script selected cells to custom format with settable header and data, row and column separators.

SQL Editor Plus
New: Rename tab to first regular expression match in the first N lines of the script.

Database Cache
New: Persist the loaded cache to disk and load it from disk instead of going to the source database every time.

Run script on multiple targets
Improved: Show databases that are not in normal state and are not accessible.

SQL History
Improved: Enable showing confirmation dialog when restoring the last session.

Search Results in Grid Mode
Improved: Added warning that searching through large result sets will block SSMS.

SSMS Tools Pack 5.5 is out. A lot of new and improved features and a few bug fixes.
2020-07-17 00:00:00

SQL History
New: Added Query Duration to local save-to-file SQL Execution History. Duration is saved and measured from SSMS without touching a SQL instance.

SQL Editor Plus
New: Quick Connect Active SQL Editor Window connects the active SQL editor window to the database selected in Object Explorer.
New: Find Object in Object Explorer now also works from grid results' context menu. Search input is first selected cell's value.
Improved: Expanding * to column names puts a column name in quotes if it starts with an invalid character.

Script Data Generator (formerly Insert Statement Generator)
New: Script selected cells as comma separated values (CSV) grouped by rows or columns.
Improved: Scripting grid results now preserves data types.
Improved: Generating insert statements for multiple tables now enables scripting one table per file in addition to all tables per file.

Export To Excel
New: Added exporting data directly into an Excel spreadsheet table which is enabled for filtering. Settable in Export to Excel Options.
New: Added keyboard shortcuts to all export options. They're NOT set by default and can be changed in Export to Excel Options.

SQL Snippets
New: Added {CB} as a placeholder that is replaced with clipboard text when the snippet is expanded from its shortcut text.

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