Export To Excel
This feature does not require Excel to be installed and creates a fully functional XLSX Excel file. Export all result sets, one or multiple tables or a whole database to Excel.
Version adds exporting the data directly into an Excel spreadsheet table which is enabled for filtering. You can set this option in Export to Excel Options.
Keyboard shortcuts to all export options have been added as well, however they're NOT set by default and can be changed in Export to Excel Options.
From version all cells or selected cells can be exported from grid results. Both options can be saved in either multiple files with single sheet option or single file with multiple sheets option. In single file with multiple sheets option, each grid result is saved into its own file in one sheet. In multiple files with single sheet option all grid results are saved into a single file with grid result per sheet.
The default for maximum allowed rows per Excel file is 100000, and can be set up to 500000. If you have more rows a new file is created with _N suffix where N is the consecutive number of the file starting with 2. However this only works for multiple files, single sheet option. This way you still have the files sorted in proper data export order. Maximum number of columns is 16384. Correct data types are fully preserved, but taking into account Excel limitations. Any date before 1900-01-01 is exported as a string, others are exported normally as a date data type. Text in a cell is limited to 32767 characters. Anything longer than that will be truncated. Binary data can only be exported properly if it's 16381 bytes or less. Any blob larger than that will not be exported. Exporting the whole database creates a custom folder and an Excel file per table in that folder. After result sets or a single table export completes the created file is automatically openend if you have Excel installed. Saving the best for last, the characters like newlines and tabs are fully preserved and properly exported into correct cells.
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