SSMS Tools Pack is a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in
that dramatically increases your productivity with well-integrated, easy to use features.
Licensing applies only to SSMS 2012 and higher versions.
Deactivate old machines in License Activations Management.
New functionality in
Beta support for SSMS 18 preview releases.
Any reported issues will be fixed in the next version.
Manage license details and number of activated machines.
Great in case of forgetting to deactivate an old machine.
New: Finer database cache content control. Added support for removing all or some database schemas from cache.
New: Filter databases to load into cache. Specify any direct comparison filter or regex filter on server and/or database names. Matched filter entries are not loaded into database cache.
New: Full culture independent date formatting. All dates can now be formatted with the current culture or a culture independent option.
New: Script grid results to clipboard in addition to scripting them into an editor window.
Current version works in:
SSMS 18, SSMS 17,
SSMS 2016, SSMS 2014, SSMS 2012,
SSMS 2008 R2, SSMS 2008
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