Other Minor Features
Default Settings Deploy allows you to easily distribute a Default Settings file to multiple users in your organization. Set up the settings you want your users to have and create
the default settings file: STPDefaults.ses in SSMS Tools->Options.
Then put that file into the SSMS Tools Pack install directory on your users' machines. The Default Settings file will be automatically imported if its creation date is newer than the last time a user opened SSMS. This way you can distribute it whenever you wish and it will be automatically imported the next time a user opens SSMS. The backup of user's current settings are saved before before being overwritten to: c:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\SSMSToolsPack\STPSettingsBackupForDefaultsOverride.ses.
The user has to have read permissions on the SSMS Tools Pack install directory for this to work.
Compatibilty with built-in Accessibility Color Schemes for visually impaired is now fully implemented. This helps you if your using built in windows high contrast settings.
Since version 4.2 the settings are automatically imported from the last automated backup if it exists on the first SSMS run. This is useful when switching between major SSMS versions where settings weren't automatically transfered.
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