SSMS Tools Pack is a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in
that dramatically increases your productivity with well-integrated, easy to use features.

Support for SSMS 19 is coming soon.
Licensing applies only to SSMS 2012 and higher versions.
Deactivate old machines in License Activations Management.
New functionality in
New: Show Immediate Data Statistics window. It will show statistical data as cells are being selected.
Improved: Find Object in Object Explorer now shows a list box of multiple matched entries if they exist.
New: Script selected cells as IN operator.
New: Add filtering/ordering part to the output when scripting a table.
Improved: Copy a script saved in SQL History to the beginning or to the end of a document, or to a cursor location.
Improved: Use schema cache dependant features with SQL Azure with Windows and Active Directory Authentications.
Current version works in:
SSMS 18, SSMS 17,
SSMS 2016, SSMS 2014, SSMS 2012,
SSMS 2008 R2, SSMS 2008
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